A selection of snaps from a novice shutterbug


Cherry Blossom

I love this time of year when the blossom is on the trees and the spring flowers are springing out of the ground.  This is my own edible cherry tree, a birthday pressie from my brother a couple of years ago. This year I am determined to get to the fruit before our resident blackbird family does.



A little bit of street photography today.  This photograph was taken last weekend on the south bank of the Thames.  Two London icons (one old, one new) form a hazy backdrop to the activity.   The balance of the composition is a little off, maybe I could have framed it better.

I took several photographs of the London Eye and a few can be found in this Flickr set.

No Cuts

As it was my birthday yesterday, hub and I went up to London, took in a show on Friday night and visited the National Gallery this morning.   I didn’t know about the protest march against public sector cuts when we made our plans a few weeks ago.  Turned out lots of people were gathering at Trafalgar Square and the route went down Piccadilly, where our hotel was.  So we walked along with them  as we headed back toward the hotel to collect our luggage.  It was there that I spotted this sign, resting in the doorway opposite our hotel.  The parts of the march we saw were very peaceful, with families and people of all ages, getting their point across in a colourful and rather noisy manner, thanks to that legacy from the World Cup – vuvuzelas.

Pictures of the march are in my Flickr stream and there are other pictures from our day and half in London that I’ll share in other posts.  Hub has a post on our accidental protest march on his blog.

Gone Fishin’

I’m not really into fishing myself,  but I can see the appeal of chilling out on the side of a lake, listening to the birds and enjoying a beer in the tranquility.  And it makes for a nice photograph too.

If you’d like a little topical music, the Outdoor Life website has some fishing tunes, including ‘Gone Fishin’ performed by Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby.

The Girl in the Mirror

After another dull, grey weekend, spent mostly indoors studying (Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds, if you’re interested), I have turned to my archives for this week’s picture.   I noticed that this one had been viewed on my Flickr account recently, so I thought I’d post it here as well.

You won’t be seeing many pictures of me here, this may be all you get.   I took this at Longleat in the Mirror Maze.  You have to be careful in there not to bump into yourself.  I took several photos, but this was by far the best, with two different images of me looking like I’m standing somewhere I wasn’t. Or something like that.

Signs of Spring

I spent a few pleasant hours in the garden today, tidying away fallen leaves and cutting back frost-blackened dead growth from last year.    It’s wonderful to see new green growth and buds peeking out. I took a few close-ups while I was out there.

From top to bottom the pictures show: a snowdrop, so pure in green and white;  new buds of sedums creeping up through last year’s stems, which I’ve left for now because the dried heads have a charm of their own; and chaenomeles, or flowering quince, which will soon have small pinky-red flowers on otherwise bare branches before the leaves come though later in the spring.

Hoppy New Year

With apologies for the post’s terrible title, I bring you a gratuitously cute picture to mark the start of the Year of the Rabbit!    This handsome chap resides in Animal World at Longleat.

What lurks under Reading Bridge?

Umm, this guy does.   And I rather like him.   I’ve started a set of street art photos on Flickr and I hope to add to it this year.  There’s some interesting work out there and you never know where you might find it.

Mr Blue Sky

January is a bleak month.  I haven’t taken any photographs and it’s been too long since I saw the sky. So here it is, from Ridge Lane, near Nuneaton, Warwickshire taken in July 2010.  I know, I still need to work on those landscapes.  I’m done with winter now, bring on the spring please.

Happy New Year!


I’m a little late putting up my New Year photo, but it’s been a slow few weeks.  Maybe I’ll speed up again when I get back into the work routine.   I love taking pictures of bars and drinks.  I think I’m drawn to the colours and the lighting.  And a sparkling pink drink is probably my favourite colour.