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Anemones are simple plants but with very lovely flowers.  I’m working on my final assignment (about Ariadne) for my OU course at the moment.  It’s a bit hard going.    At one stage I thought about using Adonis as my subject.  In some versions of the Adonis myth, a red anemone springs up out of the ground following his death by wild boar.  The red anemones were past their prime when I went out with my camera, but I hope you like this this purpley-white one instead.


Cherry Blossom

I love this time of year when the blossom is on the trees and the spring flowers are springing out of the ground.  This is my own edible cherry tree, a birthday pressie from my brother a couple of years ago. This year I am determined to get to the fruit before our resident blackbird family does.


One of my hobbies is gardening and of the many plants in my garden, I have a soft spot for the sempervivums.  They are not at all showy but somehow are very photogenic, as demonstrated by this Flickr group dedicated to photographing them.  Sempervivums have exquisite little flowers, held on alien-looking stems way above the main plant.   Worth getting my knees and elbows dirty to get low enough to photograph them.  Maybe next year I should plant some in pots kept at eye level.