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British Museum

The British Museum is full of interesting treasures.  I particularly like visiting those from the ancient classical world, of which there are many.    I used one (an Attic vase) in my final Open University assignment recently.  To mark the end of my studies, here is a photograph of the beautiful atrium to the museum.  It’s difficult to take a bad picture in this space: the light and architecture are wonderful.


Razzle Dazzle ’em

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago in London’s West End.  We actually went to the Palace Theatre to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, but it was much harder to get a good photograph of that as it’s on a busy junction.    I’m quite pleased with the way this picture turned out, although I think I should have stepped back a bit to get the theatre entrance in the shot.

Priscilla was fabulous, by the way.


A little bit of street photography today.  This photograph was taken last weekend on the south bank of the Thames.  Two London icons (one old, one new) form a hazy backdrop to the activity.   The balance of the composition is a little off, maybe I could have framed it better.

I took several photographs of the London Eye and a few can be found in this Flickr set.

No Cuts

As it was my birthday yesterday, hub and I went up to London, took in a show on Friday night and visited the National Gallery this morning.   I didn’t know about the protest march against public sector cuts when we made our plans a few weeks ago.  Turned out lots of people were gathering at Trafalgar Square and the route went down Piccadilly, where our hotel was.  So we walked along with them  as we headed back toward the hotel to collect our luggage.  It was there that I spotted this sign, resting in the doorway opposite our hotel.  The parts of the march we saw were very peaceful, with families and people of all ages, getting their point across in a colourful and rather noisy manner, thanks to that legacy from the World Cup – vuvuzelas.

Pictures of the march are in my Flickr stream and there are other pictures from our day and half in London that I’ll share in other posts.  Hub has a post on our accidental protest march on his blog.